We are a chiropractic family. I have a husband and two boys and we have all seen Dr. Reiter, but the most impressive work he has done has been in Garett, my three year old.
We began bringing Garett at about six months old. He didn’t sleep well, and always seemed to be sick with ear infections. We would bring him in for an adjustment and before we could carry him to the car, he would be asleep. The difference was amazing.
As Garett got older, we began to notice some hyperactivity. We started taking him back for more regular visits. As a result the day care teacher has thanked us saying that he now acts like an “angel.” You can say that you don’t believe in chiropractic if you want to, but I tell everyone. It doesn’t hurt, and it is cheap, and drug-free.
Thanks for bringing my child into a healthier attitude.


Approximately seven months ago I was diagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon that I have two herniated discs in my lower back. At that time I was told that I was going to have to have surgery. I did not want to have surgery because I wanted to continue to work, and to enjoy my family. I work as a Registered Nurse, and I could probably never do this kind of work again
I can honestly say that Dr. Lavigne and Dr. Reiter have helped me so much! They both told me “up front” that this was going to take many visits, but they could help me so I could continue to have a somewhat active lifestyle. I can honestly say I feel a big difference from 7 months ago.
Seven years ago when I was in nursing school, we were taught that chiropractors were just “glorified physical therapists;” this is absolutely not true. My orthopedic surgeon I go to is wonderful, but he could only give me temporary relief with medication. I now take no medications and I am able to “keep up with the young nurses” at work, and very few people I work with even suspect I have back problems. 


I am a 34-year-old who suffers from chronic asthma. My asthma causes a lot of coughing which in turn keeps my back out of adjustment. With regular chiropractic treatments the symptoms of my asthma are greatly reduced and in turn my medication doses are lower. After about 6-8 months of treatment I was able to return to work. Something I had not been able to do in five years. My job made it impossible to continue my chiropractic therapy. After 7 weeks without therapy my asthma returned full force. After starting chiropractic therapy again, my asthma is once again decreasing in severity and frequency. Conventional doctors have tried every known treatment for asthma on me and nothing has worked, so if you asked me if chiropractic works, I would definitely say yes and could show you the proof. I would recommend chiropractic therapy to anyone and Dr. Reiter and his staff above anyone else.


I started having earaches on my right side off and on, then, it became more persistent until I had to seek help. I went to see my intern and he examined me but could not find the problem, so he sent me to see a specialist in ear, nose and throat. He checked me, took x-rays of my sinuses, but could not find the source. Well, to say the least the pain was still there and I needed someone’s help. Coming home that day my husband suggested seeing Dr. Reiter. Maybe he can help. Well the next day I made an appointment and after a few adjustments, guess what. No more earaches. I’m completely cured and haven’t had problems since. But if it ever comes back I’ll have no worry. Dr. Reiter is there.


To date, surgery for torn cartilage has been performed on both of my knees. I’ve had gall bladder surgery, 25 years of headaches, and numb hands and feet. Recently one of my knees began to trouble me again, and there was pain from my hip to ankle. My ability to deal with stress was “zero” tolerance.
My husband found a swollen area in my back, which was sore but not giving me pain. We decided to try Dr. Reiter on my way to see my medical doctor. After only one adjustment for my head and neck I was in a state of euphoria for a day and a half—it was the best!! I was able to deal unbelievably better with stress.
After 2 months of treatment—the dizziness is gone, the pain is only barely in the knee. We are adjusting now for an injury to my neck which happened about 40 years ago and was never treated. The numbness in my hands and feet is gone, likewise are the headaches. All of this with no medication…no side effects…no medical doctor. There is probably no way to know how much pain, surgery and medicine could have been avoided in my life.


One of our patients had a very embarrassing problem when he came in to the office with his mother. The boy was so embarrassed that he would not talk about it with the doctor. He was eleven years old and was not able to control his bowels. Everyday of his life he would have accidents. Whether he was at school or playing outside with his friends, he never knew when he might have to come inside to change clothes. The nerves that control the colon and rectum come from the lower part of the back. His x-rays showed that he had a back problem that was probably there since birth. After his first treatment he was able to go all day without an accident for the first time in his life. It might take three or four months before the nerves are completely healed, but this little boy and his mother both know that there is no specialist in the world that can heal the body like the body can heal itself once the nerves are working properly.

Compression fractures are very common among older women that have osteoporosis. One of the most severe cases that Dr. Reiter has treated was a woman in her mid fifties. She was still working full-time at a manufacturing plant, but her back was in such severe pain that she had been off work for two months. She didn’t have just one broken bone, but she had three broken bones in the middle of her back. With the different techniques that Dr. Reiter uses, and electro-therapy, she was able to return to work in less than two weeks. She still had pain for three to four weeks, which is how long it takes the body to heal the broken bones.

We treat children at our office and a lot of the times the main complaint is asthma, but when the child grows up and becomes a teenager and still has asthma, it begins to interfere with social life. One such patient, a fourteen year old boy, couldn’t play ball with his friends because of his asthma. He had to stay in the house all the time. The amazing part is that we found out that his father had asthma when he was a boy until a chiropractor treated him and his asthma was cured. His father was a little embarrassed that he let his son suffer for fourteen years with the same problem. The teenager took treatment for three months before he began to notice an improvement but continued his treatment once a week for another three months. It took six months total before he could play outside with his friends. It’s been over three years now, and we have learned he played on his high school basketball team.

Scoliosis is a severe curvature of the spine which sometimes causes pain and sometimes does not. The biggest problem of scoliosis is that it squeezes the lungs and makes it difficult to breath. As the patient gets older, heart and lung problems may develop. One of our patients had difficulty breathing and he measured his breathing every day. He has been taking treatment at our office for five years, and his breathing has become progressively better. He had a friend with the identical scoliosis who relied only on medication. Chiropractic helped him out live his friend by 8 years.

A senior citizen patient came in one time that had just started having neck pain. The x-rays showed a lot of arthritis in his neck which was pinching nerves and made the joints stiff and painful. The blood supply that goes to the brain was compromised as well. The patient would feel dizzy or cloudy like he was in a fog. We thought at first that he was taking medication that made him disoriented. Once Dr. Reiter got the patient’s neck loosened up, the blood supply to the brain was better, and the patient became clear headed again. It’s the little miracles which make this job exciting.

One child that came in for asthma was a four year old boy who had suffered from asthma since birth. His mother was afraid to let him play with his brothers and sisters because he would quite often have an asthma attack and the medication would not always help. The nerves to the lungs and bronchial tubes come from the upper back and this little boy had a problem in that part of his spine. He started doing better after the first few treatments, but the nerves had been pinched for four years, so it took two months before he was able to play outside without worrying about asthma.

One of the most crippling diseases is rheumatoid arthritis. We had a patient come into our office in a wheel chair because of the rheumatoid arthritis in her knees, ankles, and hips. It took several weeks before she felt better, but she was able to walk into the office with a cane and leave her wheel chair at home. Unfortunately her family had to move out of the area, and we don’t know whether she was able to find a chiropractor near her new home.

Mr. Fox was a successful business man who retired early to deal with his condition. He had psoriasis that covered 60 % of his body. It was so bad in the winter months that he spent most of his time in the hospital or he had to leave town for weather hot enough to get natural sun light on his skin. He had been this way for over 10 years. He started his treatment in August 1981. We saw no improvement for 10 months, but he stayed with his family through the Holidays and winter season without any relapse. After 10½ months of treatment he suddenly looked worse. The dead skin began flaking of and within 3 weeks all of his new skin was normal without psoriasis. Mr. Fox continued his treatments for over 5 years and has never experienced a relapse.

Dr. Daniel O. Reiter is my brother-in-law. He is married to my sister, Susan. For years, so far back I can’t even recollect, I have had headaches. These aches of the head were not severe to inhibit my daily functions and operations; just annoyance type headaches typically from stress or weather conditions. I relied on Excedrin or Ibuprofen to alleviate these headaches so much so I would take a pill as soon as I thought I could feel a headache coming on. On occasions, I would have a more severe migraine type headache. My husband would always say to me that I took too many of “THOSE PILLS.” Sue would always tell me to come in and see Dr. Dan for those headaches. Of course, I paid them no attention and continued with my Excedrin.
About six years ago, I had a flare-up of my right knee. It was swollen and very stiff; I couldn’t walk. I went to an orthopedist and all he found was the start of arthritis. I received physical therapy and some medication and in about a month I was on my way. My knee was still swollen, but not immobile. The orthopedist at this time mentioned possible surgery if problems continued. Sue would say to me, “Before you go through surgery, go see Dan; he has this new machine.”
Then this spring, Thursday April 19, 2001 I woke up and could not straighten my right leg. The pain was terrible in my knee area. I called my family physician to try and get a referral to an orthopedist and that office didn’t get back to me all day Thursday. I knew Dr. Reiter had office hours on Thursday and called to see if I could get in and get some relief plus just to see what was wrong. Dan did X-rays and I do have osteoarthritis in my right knee. He put me on the electro-therapy machine and gave me an adjustment. I continued treatment with Dr. Reiter twice a week for about one month to six weeks. In about three weeks, I noticed I didn’t have any more daily headaches. They were gone plus my knee was getting progressively better. I now see Dr. Reiter every two weeks for electro-therapy and an adjustment. My leg is straight, no pain, some stiffness (which is tolerable) and only an occasional headache which I can attribute to weather conditions.
THANK YOU DR. REITER (and Sue, too)!!


Dr. Reiter has been treating me for a few months now for back pain, neck pain, and constant headaches. I had seen medical doctors several times with no relief or explanation of my suffering. This continued for over 3 years. Medications would relieve the pain for a while, but it never really got better. My brother had an appointment with Dr. Reiter one day, so I took him over there. While I waited for him I read some information I found in the office. I couldn’t believe all the health problems that could be caused by spinal problems. I had been experiencing several of them for years! I made an appointment for myself right away. I was scared to see a chiropractor. I thought it would be a horrible experience. It wasn’t! I feel better now than I have in years. No more constant headaches! Just remember, continue your treatments as the doctor orders. It will pay off for you!


I have trouble with migraines and my vision. After a session with the doctor I noticed that for the first time on my way home I could see better at distances. At first I thought I had imagined it. By the time I had three treatments I began to pay closer attention and sure enough from then on after each session I not only could see better, but every time I could see better longer.
Lo and behold not only could I see better, I have not had a migraine since my first treatment and now it’s going on 6 weeks.


Before I started seeing Dr. Reiter I felt like I would lie across my bed and just die. I had been to other doctors who said I was depressed, had anxiety attacks, allergies, stomach problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, and gastritis. They wanted to do surgery on my right elbow and left hand and said there was cartilage and tendon damage done. I could barely hold a pen to write a check. Things progressed so badly while seeing other doctors that eventually I could no longer even wear my dentures. I quit going to all other doctors and decided that this was the way I would have to live my life, laying in the bed. I finally decided as a last resort to call a chiropractor (against my family and doctors’ wishes).
I started seeing Dr. Reiter almost a year ago. I now am feeling like a new person. He has helped me tremendously in the time I have been seeing him. I can again get up in the morning headache free and neck ache free. I no longer feel like my life is slipping away from me. I can now stand up, take walks, and do things that I was unable to do before seeing him (sweeping floors, standing and doing dishes, making beds). He has helped me to be able to get back to doing everyday things in life.
A chiropractor has the ability to do something that doctors don’t do anymore. THEY LISTENTO YOU. They do not tell you that nothing is wrong, and they do not try to drug you up to cover up your problems. I still have a way to go but with time and Dr. Reiter’s help I know that I am going to be just fine.
A chiropractor’s office is clean and friendly, with a bright and cheery staff to make you feel comfortable. They don’t have to look at a chart to remember your name. The most important thing to remember is that your chiropractor listens to you!! And he/she can help if you give them the time and chance. No one can heal you overnight. I myself would like to thank Dr. Reiter and his staff.


Our most interesting patient came in with an infection in his lower leg. He had broken his leg two years prior, and it had never healed. He had undergone six surgeries, and was scheduled for the seventh one. In desperation, he said that if the first six surgeries didn’t help the seventh probably wouldn’t either. He decided to try chiropractic treatment. Although his leg did not heal in two years of medical treatment, he only gave chiropractic three weeks to show improvement, but in less than three weeks the infection had stopped oozing pus and developed a bright pink color (the color of skin when healing occurs). When he went back to the medical doctor who was going to operate, the doctor said, “I guess we don’t have to operate, it looks like you’ve already healed.” The patient continued his treatment for two more weeks and stopped because his problem was resolved.

Our most disappointing case was a woman who came in because of sudden middle back pain and the thermography showed that she had a pinched nerve running from her middle back around to her kidneys. Her middle back pain had just begun two weeks prior, but she had been having kidney problems for three years. That means she had been in and out of the hospital for thousands of dollars worth of tests. She took treatment for three weeks and the thermography showed that the nerve to her kidneys was starting to work better. Her husband did not believe that chiropractic was any good, so he made her stop her treatment program, so we assume she is till having trouble with her kidneys.

Sometimes the best chiropractor in the world can’t do everything necessary to help a person. One of our patients had been in a motorcycle accident that had broken his leg. When it healed, his leg was one inch shorter than the other. This caused his hips to be out-of-balance. He had been to other chiropractors, but they were not able to help. He took treatment at Dr. Reiter’s office for two months, at the same time his shoe was built up to make his hips and legs level and even. Once his body got used to the normal position of the hips and joints of the spine, the patient felt better. He does have to wear the built-up shoe for the rest of his life, but he doesn’t have to suffer with low back pain.

The second most common complaint we have in our office is headaches. One young lady came to the office with a complaint of severe headaches recurring everyday for the past two years. On her first visit, she had an examination and a treatment, but never came back to the office. We assumed that she was upset or offended until she returned one year later to tell us that her headaches disappeared until now. She still had the problems in her neck; it just took a year for them to get worse and cause the headaches to return.

One of the reasons we like working here is that we get so excited over the small miracles that happen with our patients. One lady in her thirties came in with a neck problem described as pain and stiffness. She took treatment for three weeks, and then asked Dr. Reiter if what he was doing could be helping her fingernails. She explained that her fingernails had always been weak, thin, and cracked. For the first time in her life they were normal! Dr. Reiter was treating her neck, which helps the nerves that go to the fingernails. The question is: “If chiropractic treatment helps the nerves to the fingernails, isn’t it also helping the nerves to your muscles, joints, and organs?”

One of the children we have treated at our office came in with his mother because he had a runny nose all of the time, and he would have twitching in the face. The mother was worried about him at school because the teacher thought he had a learning disability since he wasn’t able to pay attention in class. His mother didn’t realize that the place in his neck where the nerves come from that go to the sinuses can also put pressure on the blood supply to the brain. When this is compromised it becomes difficult to pay attention. After only two weeks of treatment, his sinuses were better, and his teacher decided that he had no learning disability. He was behaving like a normal child.

One of Dr. Reiter’s most enjoyable patients is a German woman who had retired to this area. She came in after a hard fall that dislocated her shoulder. She knew that pills weren’t going to heal her shoulder, so she came in for chiropractic treatment. Since we were able to start treatment immediately after the accident, she healed quickly. Her pain was better within a few days, however; it takes ligaments four to six weeks to heal, so she continued treatment. She has healed completely, and returned to normal motion with her shoulder.

We had a middle-aged steel worker come in one day with severe low back pain. He injured his back over lifting at work. His x-rays showed advanced arthritis and degeneration of the discs in his lower back. Dr. Reiter thought he might have to go into the hospital or need surgery. We decided to try chiropractic treatment first. He received his first adjustment that night and made an appointment for the next morning. When he didn’t show up for his appointment we called his house and according to his wife he had been feeling better so he went to work. He didn’t want it to happen again, so he continued his treatment for several months to rehabilitate and strengthen the lower back.

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